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Toward the end of the last millennium, there was a surge in state action seeking to protect potential human life. This activity chiefly occurred ín two fields. One was quite fertile, the other barren. A third field still awaits significant discovery. The Article first focuses on the two fields tilled, which involve the acts of strangers and the acts of pregnant women. lt then suggests the need for the exploration of a third field, the acts of expectant fathers. To certaín unborn, pregnant dads should owe special duties above those imposed on strangers. Moreover, unlike expectant mothers, expectant fathers can be more easily assigned special duties because there are fewer constitutíonal límits, and because public policy, reason, and common sense, present fewer obstacles. ln conclusion, the Article proposes legal reforms involving expectant fathers based upon the recent legal developments involving strangers and expectant mothers.

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Jeffrey A. Parness, Pregnant Dads: The Crimes and Other Misconduct of Expectant Fathers, 72 Or. L. Rev. 901 (1993).


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