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It has become increasingly difficult for immigrants to maintain family integrity under the current immigration system. The challenges they face include exceptionally long visa wait times; increasing penalties for violations (even minor ones); and limited discretion for leniency afforded to those who face deportation or who are barred from returning to the United States because of a prior immigration violation. Quiet changes in this system, which have been building for years under alternating political parties, reflect a lack of compassion and consideration for immigrants and their families. To move the debate beyond the black and white-rule breakers versus rule followers-and to appreciate how far immigration laws and policies have strayed from U.S. values of openness, compassion, and kinship, it is important to understand the complexities of the U.S. immigration system.

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Anita Maddali, Forgetting Its Common Humanity: America's Immigration Story, 24 Brown J. World Aff. 133 (2018).


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