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This article explores the ongoing challenge of access to affordable legal services for civil matters. Part I introduces the idea that there are a variety of innovations that could be made to improve the public’s access to justice, but this essay pays particular attention to the various relationships between advanced practice registered nurses and physicians as a possible template for associations between lawyers and other legal professionals. Part II examines the challenges to accessing justice in the current legal market. Part III discusses the rise of alternative legal professionals to serve the unmet legal market demands. Part IV looks at advanced practice register nurses as a model for the legal professions innovations with new categories of legal professionals. Finally, Part V explores models for the delivery of legal services in light of the rise of alternative legal professionals.

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Laurel A. Rigertas, Collaborations between Lawyers and New Legal Professionals: A Path to Increase Access to Justice and Protect Clients, 24 Kan. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 539 (2015).


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