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In this paper, we present a feedback controller that enables contact juggling manipulation of a disk with a disk-shaped manipulator, called the mobile disk-on-disk. The system consists of two disks in which the upper disk (object) is free to roll on the lower disk (hand) under the influence of gravity. The hand moves with a full three degrees of freedom in a vertical plane. The proposed controller drives the object to follow a desired trajectory through rolling interaction with the hand. Based on the mathematical model of the system, dynamic feedback linearization is used in the design of the controller. The performance of the controller is demonstrated through simulations considering disturbances and uncertainties.

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J.-C. Ryu and K. M. Lynch, "Contact Juggling of a Disk with a Disk-Shaped Manipulator," IEEE Access, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 60286-60293, 2018


Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


NSF Grant IIS-0964665






IEEE Access


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