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We integrated the unfolding model of turnover, job embeddedness theory and affective events theory to build and test a model specifying the relationship between negative shocks, on-the-job embeddedness and important employee behaviors. The results showed that embeddedness mediates the relationship between negative shocks and job search behaviors as well as counterproductive work behaviors. The study further examines the role of dispositional influences on reactions to negative workplace shocks and how these reactions affect organizational citizenship behavior, counterproductive work behavior and job search behavior. Results indicated a moderated-mediation effect of negative affectivity on each of these outcomes.

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Holtom, B.C., Burton, J.P., & Crossley, C.D. (2012). How negative affectivity moderates the relationship between shocks, embeddedness and worker behaviors. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 80: 434-443.


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