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Sleep is one of the most crucial components for optimal physical and mental health, and it plays a large role in ongoing bodily repair. However, despite the importance of sleep, an estimated 40 million people in the United States alone have some form of chronic sleep disorder annually [16]. Our product is designed to track a person’s biometrics through a wearable armband for night use that will be able to detect the stages of sleep indirectly. The biofeedback from the device would then activate an electrical muscular stimulator that would release a current to force muscle contractions in order to wake a person up based off of inputted time set by the user and begin electrical stimulation as close to the input time as possible without going over a no later than time. The device acts as a non-invasive analyzer, and the device will detect a person’s sleep cycle through skin resistance, muscle tension, and temperature. Despite the impressive advancements of wearable technology, there is no completely reliable, non-invasive commercial technology that is able detect the human sleep cycle. Our device would be a completely novel idea in this field of study.

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