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Teresa A. Wasonga:

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Mayra C. Daniel:

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Although universities are positioned to lead change, specifically by improving educational systems, there is no evidence of universities in Kenya engaging with schools. Concurrently, the quality of education in Kenya is declining. This article explores the problem of disparities, poor educational outcomes, and ways to improve education at an underserved secondary school over the course of a three-year participatory action research project. Qualitative design was used to gather data through interviews, focus group discussions, and document analyses. Data were analyzed utilizing constant comparison technique and ecological and sociocultural theories. Emerging themes included: disparities and poor academic outcomes; focus on external rather than internal locus of control; absolute power and authority; isolation that is breaking systems and institutional thinking; and partnership infused new knowledge for improvement.



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Wasonga, Teresa A., Burgin, Ximena D., Daniel, Mayra C. (2021). Understanding and Improving Outcomes for Students in an Underserved Secondary School in Kenya: A School-Community-University Partnership. Kenya Studies Review, 9(2), 1-16.


Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology, and Foundations (LEPF)| Department of Curriculum and Instruction (CI)




Kenya Scholars and Studies Association



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