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Ricela Feliciano-Semidei:

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Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice (JUTLP)


This study developed a teaching module that incorporated the Monty Hall problem to introduce conditional probability in a college introductory statistics course. This teaching module integrated a guess – experiment – discussion approach with game-based instruction. The researchers piloted this module and made modifications. The work of 20 non-mathematics major undergraduate students was examined for changes in their perceptions about conditional probability through a pre-and-post survey design. The Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome (SOLO) taxonomy was used for data analysis to show the quality of the student work. Findings suggest that most students’ perceptions were at higher levels after the teaching module.

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This is the author accepted manuscript of an article published in the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice (JUTLP) at

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Feliciano-Semidei, R., Wu, K., & Chaphalkar, R. M. (2022). Introducing conditional probability using the Monty Hall problem. Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 19(2), 93-109.


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