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Ricela Feliciano-Semidei:

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Illinois Reading Council Journal


In this article, we discuss strategies to support the thematic integration of content in literacy and mathematics connected to English Learners’ (ELs) diverse cultural backgrounds. We provide strategies by which students can make sense of word problems connected to their real-life experiences through mathematical discussions and justifications, and linked to the literacy processes of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We use the Common Core Addendum for English Learners and the standards of mathematical practices to support literacy and mathematics learning. We also present several examples of mathematics word problems teachers can use in elementary school classrooms that are culturally responsive for ELs.

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Winter 2021


This copy of the article originally published at is freely provided with permission of the editors of the Illinois Reading Council Journal

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Feliciano-Semidei, R., & Ricklefs, M. A. (Winter 2021). Strategies for modifying word problems for English learners. Illinois Reading Council Journal, 50 (1), 3-9.


Department of Mathematical Sciences



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