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Green Space and Heart Health

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Cardiovascular Nursing Monthly


While cardiovascular professionals across the globe are well-versed in applying guidelines-based care to help their patients prevent, or manage, cardiovascular disease, one important therapy may come not from a prescription bottle, but from just outside the front (or back) door. According to recent research, the key to improved cardiovascular health may be as simple as spending more time in nature. In fact, the health benefits from green space exposure are significant enough for practitioners and policymakers to recommend spending more time in nature.1-8 It is becoming more common for health care providers in the U.S., Canada, and beyond to ‘prescribe’ time in the out of doors; licensed health care providers in four provinces of Canada, for example, can now prescribe a free pass to Canada’s national parks.9

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Moxley, E. (2022, March 7). Green space and heart health: What’s the connection? Cardiovascular Nursing Monthly.


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