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Elizabeth Moxley:

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Teaching and Learning in Nursing


Background: Diabetes is a global health problem requiring nursing students demonstrate a thorough understanding for NCLEX® and entry-level practice, although clinical opportunities are increasingly limited, especially for Associate Degree Programs.

Method: A Simulation-based Education was incorporated in a didactic lesson to improve diabetes nursing care. Knowledge, confidence, application and relevance were measured using Wilcoxon signed-rank, Chi-square and Kruskal-Wallis analyses.

Results: Student (n=46, 85% female) perceived knowledge of glycemic management (post > pre, p < 0.0001), confidence administering insulin (post > pre, p < 0.0001), and clinical relevance improved. Confidence increased among three cohorts per Kruskal Wallis H test (2 = 7.76, p = 0.021). Increased confidence correlated with relevance (2 = 30.965, p = 0.009) and prior understanding of therapy (2 = 26.538, p = 0.033).

Conclusion: Reinforcing didactic content through simulation enhanced student mastery of diabetes nursing care. Additional pedagogical strategies are warranted for NCLEX® preparation and entry-level practice.

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Elizabeth Moxley, Larry J Maturin, Desale Habtezgi, A lesson involving nursing management of diabetes care: Incorporating simulation in didactic instruction to prepare students for entry-level practice, Teaching and Learning in Nursing, Volume 16, Issue 1, 2021, Pages 10-15.


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This work was supported by a DePaul University Office of Teaching and Learning Assessment grant



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