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Graduate student identities and personal lives are heavily tied to their experiences of research, and many struggle to find, understand, and use information for research purposes. Using a drawing exercise rooted in visual research methods combined with semi-structured interviews, a research team in the United States and Canada explored graduate student perceptions of research with 19 participants. Thematic analysis identified six themes: research is abstract; research is an odyssey; social support makes or breaks the student experience; research is an emotional continuum; interplay between identity/values; information is problematic. The study has implications for how librarians support graduate student research.

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This is a pre-print of the article, Along for the journey: Graduate student perceptions of research, which was accepted May 16, 2023 and will appear in College and Research Libraries in November 2024.

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Droog, A., Weaver, K. D., & Brady, F. (Nov. 2024). Along for the journey: Graduate student perceptions of research. College & Research Libraries [Preprint, version accepted May 16, 2023].


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