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The Journal of Ocean Technology


Wave energy and power is accessible on almost any body of water. One of the most widely known floating structures to generate renewable energy from the seas and the ocean is wave energy converter Pelamis. In this study, an attempt was made to simulate the dynamic behaviour of Pelamis P2 in the software AQWA under the influence of a nonlinear second-order Stokes wave. Pelamis P2 was simulated in different marine conditions including different water depths, wave heights, periods, and angles to assess its optimal operation. With the results in mind, it can be argued that with an increase in water depth, the intensity of the forces created in the joints decrease. This kind of converter shows better efficiency with lower wave heights, while with a rise in the wave periods, the absorbed energy amounts fall. In the modelling, the best collision angle for the waves is when the Pelamis is in the same direction with the waves. The dynamic behaviour of the converter under the effect of irregular waves was surveyed; it shows a better performance under irregular waves compared with regular waves.

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Spring 2022


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering



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