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The widespread use of Mattick and Clarke’s (1998) Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS) and Social Phobia Scale (SPS) led two independent groups of researchers to develop short-forms of these measures (Fergus, Valentiner, McGrath, Gier-Lonsway, & Kim, 2012; Peters, Sunderland, Andrews, Rapee, & Mattick, 2012). This three-part study examined the psychometric properties of Fergus et al.’s and Peters et al.’s short-forms of the SIAS and SPS using an American nonclinical adolescent sample in Study 1 (N = 98), American anxiety disorder patient sample in Study 2 (N = 117), and both a South Korean college student sample (N = 341) and an American college student sample (N = 550) in Study 3. Scores on both sets of short-forms evidenced adequate internal consistency, inter-item correlations, and measurement invariance. Scores on Fergus et al.’s short-forms, particularly their SIAS short-form, tended to capture more unique variance in scores of criterion measures than did scores on Peters et al.’s short-forms. Implications for the use of these two sets of short-forms are discussed.



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