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This study examined impression formation as a function of anticipated future social interaction among women with varying body image perceptions. Seventy-four women participated in a getto- know-you interview with a female confederate, and either did or did not anticipate additional interaction. When participants anticipated future interaction, more negative body image predicted less positive relationship expectations. However, when not expecting future interaction, negative body image predicted positive relationship expectations. This effect was partially mediated by an increased focus on the self and partner as a collective unit. Results suggest a qualification to previous research conclusions about negative interpersonal perceptions among stigmatized individuals.

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Santuzzi, A. M., Metzger, P. L., & Ruscher, J. B. (2006). Body image and expected future interaction. Current Research in Social Psychology, 11, 153-171.

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Department of Psychology






Center for the Study of Group Processes, University of Iowa



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