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The combination of searches performed by the CDF and D0 collaborations at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider for neutral Higgs bosons produced in association with b quarks is reported. The data, corresponding to 2 : 6fb 1 of integrated luminosity at CDF and 5 : 2fb 1 at D0, have been collected in final states containing three or more b jets. Upper limits are set on the cross section multiplied by the branching ratio varying between 44 pb and 0.7 pb in the Higgs boson mass range 90 to 300 GeV, assuming production of a narrow scalar boson. Significant enhancements to the production of Higgs bosons can be found in theories beyond the standard model, for example, in supersymmetry. The results are interpreted as upper limits in the parameter space of the minimal supersymmetric standard model in a benchmark scenario favoring this decay mode.



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D0 Collaboration

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Search for Neutral Higgs Bosons in Events with Multiple Bottom Quarks at the Rebator. T. Aaltonen et al. [CDF and D0 Collaborations]. Phys. Rev. D 86 091101 (R) (2012)

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We acknowledge support from the DOE and NSF (USA), ARC (Australia), CNPq, FAPERJ, FAPESP and FUNDUNESP (Brazil), NSERC (Canada), NSC, CAS and CNSF (China), Colciencias (Colombia), MSMT and GACR (Czech Republic), the Academy of Finland, CEA and CNRS/ IN2P3 (France), BMBF and DFG (Germany), DAE and DST (India), SFI (Ireland), INFN (Italy), MEXT (Japan), the Korean World Class University Program and NRF (Korea), CONACyT (Mexico), FOM (Netherlands), MON, NRC KI and RFBR (Russia), the Slovak R&D Agency, the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacio ́ n, and Programa Consolider-Ingenio 2010 (Spain), The Swedish Research Council (Sweden), SNSF (Switzerland), STFC and the Royal Society (United Kingdom), and the A.P Sloan Foundation (USA)






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